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tilde.wtf - a small shared linux community space


This is an experimental community living on a shared Linux server offering a free shell with basic web hosting to users who want to participate in a different kind of Internet. With your account, you can: build webpages, blog, chat with other community members, learn Linux, play text console games, be part of an active retro eclectic community, or fiddle around writing goofy software.

tilde.wtf is non-profit community that embraces the social nature of unix. You can read more why this community was launched here.

tilde.wtf is inspired and guided by the tilde.club experiment.


This is a shared Linux server that serves as a unixpunk community practicing and enjoying the dark arts of unix. The inspiration for this is to be part of the wider tildeverse, which is a decentralized collection of like-minded social unix communities.

Why unix? This excerpt from Paul Ford's essay on tilde explains:

Your typical "cloud" Unix server, designed in the 1970s to be a
very social place, is today a ghost town with one or two factories
still clanking in the town square - factories that receive our email,
or accept our Instagram photos and store them, and manage our data. But
there's no one walking around and chatting downtown.

Thus when people talk about "cloud computing" they are talking about
millions of tiny ghost towns. Ironic, because what do people build on
these ghost towns but social networks.

In the last decade, social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn,
Facebook - even Google Plus appeared. They tried to bring all those
lonesome folks back together, into one enormous room. Not just a few dozen
people on one computer but millions, even a billion people all sharing
one giant meta-computer.  Many of those services make very heavy use of
Unix under the hood. So: We collectively took a very social computing
platform, papered over its social parts, and used it to build a social
computing platform.

Purely for kicks, I decided to turn the social part back on and throw
a nerd party.

Join us. No pocket protector required.


Signing up for an account is free, but requires manual approval in order to protect the community. You will be placed on a waitlist and e-mailed when your account is created. Signing up is accomplished via anonymous SSH and you must already have a SSH keypair. Please run the following command and follow the instructions:

$ ssh signup.tilde.wtf


The community members:









tilde.club(1), tildeverse.org(1)

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